Welcome my site at the Authors Haunt, or if you prefer “Old Mr. Brown’s Wordsmithing Shoppe”.

I have been writing seriously, or seriously writing, since my Grade 5 teacher read one of my stories to the whole class. Until that time, my dreadful speech impediment had separated me from any potential childhood friends. Their enthusiastic response (bribed, no doubt, by recess candy) to that set the course for me. (Although Mr. Carroll did say the handwriting looked like “a thumbnail dipped in tar”.)

With the help of new found friends, I overcame the speech impediment to such a degree that on leaving school I became a radio announcer. Over the following forty and few more years I wrote thousands of radio commercials, newspaper ads, brochures, new stories, press releases, travel guides, even operating manuals… oh and of course, fiction magazine stories. Yes, I’m a “writing whore”.

Now, however, I write for enjoyment, both mine, and hopefully, yours.

I don’t know how many stories I will eventually write for this site. I find the ideas flow freely, but the crafting of the tale can be slow and painful. I may agonize for hours over the choice of a particular word or phrase. Writing advertising copy is so much easier!

I hope you like the stories that do find their way here, and please comment on them. There’s a link at the bottom of each story. Your feedback, both good and constructive, is greatly appreciated.

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