The jungle dripped red and green

Where our patrol now lay

The enemy was hidden unseen

When our platoon came to make them pay

A shout rang out and we hit the ground

Shots, noise and screams as I looked around

I looked for him but couldn’t see

I wonder why he didn’t follow me 


A midnight flight brought us home

In shadows where none could pry

Among the full Company I stood alone

Not one soul could I look in the eye

In darkness they took us to our base

For those we defend have turned their face

But their protest he won’t have to see

Because he didn’t follow me 


The years passed and it is now not then

But the nightmares always remained the same

Flower children became businessmen

But we stayed caught in the same ole’ game

Slowly the anger we felt turned to pride

As once more in the parades we could stride

And with time the bad memories might flee

Maybe they will not follow me


We march each year and the medals clink

The flags wave and the crowds applaud for more

And while I march there is still time to think

Of him and the old ones who had marched before

The sacrifice they gave always brings a tear

And I feel close to him…close and near

I look behind and I’m sure I can see

I know he’s there following me

My sincere thanks to Jason Rimbaud for his advice.

expertise, and sensitive editing.